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What is R-Team™?
R-Team™, Reshaping thru Exercise, Attitudes and Meals, is a 6-month program that aims to ensure kids and teens, along with their families, receive lifestyle training and education that empowers them to use positive self-management skills to live a healthier life. The program is comprised of a series of sessions that include interactive educational games as well as instruction on incorporating exercise, healthy food choices and positive body image into everyday life. Participants of the R-Team™ program and their families will work with a nurse, dietitian, exercise specialist and a wellness coach to learn healthy lifestyle habits as well as:

  • Education on meal planning and portion control
  • Tips for grocery shopping success
  • Fun activities on choosing healthy snacks and beverages
  • Group fitness education with an exercise specialist at every session
  • Discussions on self-esteem and body image
  • Support from the participants’ team of dietitians, exercise specialists and wellness coaches
  • Encouragement in a judgment-free setting
  • Motivation and goal setting skills for making healthy changes that last

Who should join?

  • Kids and teens ages 8 and up
  • Families that may be concerned with unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity or weight management
  • Kids and teens with a BMI greater than 85 percent

Why get involved?
R-Team™ provides a fun and comfortable place for kids, teens and parents to learn and practice new habits that pertain to living a healthy lifestyle. Kids are given the opportunity to grow together as they share their successes as well as their struggles in trying to accomplish the ultimate common goal; living a healthy life!


  • R-Team™ is offered at different locations in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb County.

What you need?

  • Those wishing to participate in the RTeam program must have the RTeam Medical Clearance form completed by their pediatrician. Please contact us at 248-475-4701 for more information.
  • View falls and fear of falling as controllable issues
  • Set realistic goals for increasing activity
  • Make changes in their home environment to reduce risk factors for falling
  • Promote exercise to increase strength and balance