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Rochester, Mich. –March 29, 2021 –Ewa Matuszewski, CEO and co-founder of MedNetOne, Health Solutions (MedNetOne), a health care management organization offering infrastructure, technology, and clinical services to more than 900 private practice physicians and other independent care providers, was interviewed on the Civic Center TV (CCTV) Megacast on March 25 on a wide range of healthcare topics related to the pandemic and primary care.

CCTV, an Oakland County public access station, is a service of the Greater West Bloomfield Cable Communications Commission, providing live and on-demand meeting coverage and community programming on matters of interest to Oakland County residents and business owners.

In citing the advances and benefits of telehealth, which exploded during the pandemic, Matuszewski noted the greatest challenge to its further expansion is access, given that many individuals and families don’t have computers, internet access, or Wi-Fi. She also discussed the crucial role of primary care providers in the healthcare community and acknowledged the efforts of both the Michigan osteopathic community and the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in expanding family residency programs and for their commitment to primary care.

The interview, approximately 15 minutes long, can be viewed in its entirety here.

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